An End to Age – by Diana


Let the wind blow out all the candles.
Let us save our breath for better use.
Years and days should not be counted.
Why mark time in such a way?
Let time be timeless.
Age, yes, but not by checks on calendars.
Let seasons come and go uncounted.

The moon will wax and wane for all.
The sun will rise and set the day.
Buds will open and leaves fall.
Birds will nest and fledglings fly.

Banish that word that rhymes with 'sage'
and 'rage' and 'turning page'.
Let life's rhythms
the breathings, the beating hearts
just be while we are
as old as our tongues
and just a little older
than our teeth.


(From a workshop based on 'Stop All the  Clocks' – Auden)