Any Shack Will Do by Pippa

Submitted by Pippa on 18 October, 2011 – 18:13

This is a stop on the road,
a respite,
therapy to ease the journey
between his childhood and the future.

On the way home to the now quiet house
we sit in this cafe,
removed from time,
out of kilter with normal life.

We gaze down the hill
at the red tiled roofs,
the cobbled street
where people we'll never meet

live their strange lives.
The early morning mist still lurks,
curling into dips and corners,
and I wish we could stay here,
suspended, strangers.

You read a dog-eared copy of
Country Life,
check house prices,
point out properties.

I watch you, wish you were serious.
Never mind a mansion,
a simple shack will do
tucked in a corner at the gate of his campus.