Joint Story from a Workshop

Recently, Pippa held a workshop which involved 3 people writing a continuation piece.  This one was started by Pippa writing the first paragraph and then Mya continuing the story.  Diana then wrote the concluding paragraph.  The idea was to take a winter scene and introduce 2 characters in the first paragraph and in the second one to introduce another character.  In this case the third character was introduced in the final paragraph.



Jane had to stop. Her boots were too heavy, clogged with snow, her sides ached.  She bent, hands on knees, drawing in gasps of air.  It stung in her throat.

She glanced behind.  Snow almost blinded her, but she knew he was no longer there.  She couldn’t hear his footsteps or hear the taunting shouts but she must keep going, just in cse.  Once she reached the copse, she was safe.


She’d only taken half a dozen steps before her foot  caught on some half buried  root.  The air was punched from her already struggling lungs as she landed face down.  For a moment she considered staying where she was but the cold soon crept  through her.  She raised herself to her knees.

That was when she saw him.  Black boots, brown cord trousers, black duffle coat. His face.  His face. Evil, magnetic, monsterous. Her eyes widened and she screamed but the scream was strangled in her throat and it came out as a squeak.  He was silouetted dark against the light, his face a shadow, his eyes a coal-black menace of threat.  He had killed before  She knew this.


His face came further into focus and she held back another squeaky scream.  Her wild wide eyes of fear suddenly relaxed.  The evil killer was not standing before her.  It was George.  She saw his hand and then saw the knife, blood dripping from its tip.

‘I’ve got him for you Jane.  He will no longer trouble you.  You can stop running now.’