Ode to Christmas by Mya


Gloss and dross and endless cost
that's the way the season goes.
Father Christmas, hoddy-ho,
mother's breakdown
does it show?

Snow is snowing noses glowing
chilblains undergoing throb,
water teases then it freezes
where's the plumber?
Down the pub.

Shopping's shopped – bought the lot
tick the list and count the days,
bikes and slippers, tights and knickers
chocs for Auntie:
plastic pays.

Been to Co-Op got a bargain
ten p off a Christmas pud
twenty pounds of turkey's waiting
for its stuffing –
now that's good.

Carol singers sing their socks off
of a distant silent night,
money for the poor and homeless,
pretend we're out -
serves them right.

Chimney's blocked with bricks and mortar
keeps the draught from rushing in,
never mind, just hang the stockings
with some blu tack
or a pin.

No one's caring TVs blaring
showing one more damned repeat,
never mind get out the scrabble,
oh my head and
oh my feet

Now at last the day is over
duty done, at least that's clear
never more to be repeated
never never –
till next year.