Our Aim

First Guernsey Writers

Guernsey Writers have been meeting on a twice-monthly basis for the over 25 years. The inaugural meeting of the newly formed Guernsey Writers Circle was on 4th November 1993 and was re-named Guernsey Writers in November 2003. Although we are established as Guernsey Writers, we refer to ourselves as First Guernsey Writers to avoid conflict with another writing group.


The OBJECTS AND AIMS are as follows:

1. To encourage members to explore and extend their writing abilities as widely as possible and to stimulate and promote interest in all categories of writing.

2. To use the collective experience within the Association for the benefit of all members. We aim to encourage writing its forms by providing a space where people an gather to read, listen and discuss their work with constructive feed-back in friendly atmosphere.

From the novel to the limerick, the play to the 50 word saga, we welcome all writers of all genres.

We meet on the first and third Thursday of every month with a short break  in August and again at Christmas. At present we are using in the Board Room of the Guernsey Indoor Bowling Centre at La Hougue du Pommier where is plenty of parking and also a bar.

Our meetings are held on the  first Thursday and third Thursday of each month in the afternoon from 2.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Our activities include: – Workshops – Guest Speakers – Competitions – Weekend courses with established writers, poets or tutors from the mainland – Reading of prose or poetry on local radio – Themed evenings – Annual dinner