Our workshop on Blogging on 15th Novermber 2018 didn’t happen at our AGM so hopefully we will find out aout it at a future meeting.

A new detailed list will follow but at the meeting (AGM) the following list was made:

6th December 2018 – Our last for 2018 – bring a ghost story to read and after we have got into the spirit of things we will retire to a local ‘hostelry’ for a spirit of a different kind.

17 Jan 2019 – Preparation for Eisteddfod

21 Feb 2019 – LOVE  (what else could it be?)

7 March 2019 – Bring something about Spring or something you have been                             working on.

21 March 2019 – Mya – Flash Fiction and the theme will be a surprise as we will be writing on the day.

(Other dates will generally be used for reading and discussing work in progress or if anyone else wishes to run a workshop please let us know.)